TAVNS Parameters and Devices: DyAnsys

Kristen Sparrow • January 12, 2020

In going through previous blog posts concerning TAVNS, I came across this recent post about a company called Dyansys.

Their device incorporates my dream project of having an HRV device attached to a peripheral stim device.  There are aspects of this device I really like.  One tracks the HRV during attachment.  Apparently if the sympathetic activity doesn’t decrease, you replace the electrodes.  The patient wears the device non stop.  I don’t recall the actual timing, but you wear it for 120 hours. It may take up to 5 sessions of 120 hours.

This could be great.  It has been approved by the FDA for Opioid withdrawal.  From what I know the main problems are that 1. It’s expensive though? covered by insurance?  2. It hurts.

My theoretical reservations are 1. It uses needles which could lead to infection and other problems. 2. It may be stimulating the wrong fibers, at least for vagal enhancement.

But I wanted to revisit this device since it IS incorporating HRV which is of major interest to me.