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Treating Pain with Acupuncture in Alternative Medicine

Kristen Sparrow • September 09, 2020

“I can’t see a better solution to long-term chronic pain. There is no question in my mind that acupuncture is safer than surgery or drugs.”* – Dr Bruce Pomeranz, Neurosurgeon, University of Toronto

*results, as with all aspects of medicine, vary from patient to patient

No one should have to live with pain. But deciding the right treatment can be tricky.  Sometimes a short course of anti-inflammatory medications (ibuprofen, Naprosyn) can work fine. But if the pain doesn’t go away, then what?

Long term medications lead to side effects, and surgery is risky and doesn’t always work either.

Acupuncture is a time-tested, safe alternative. According to traditional Chinese Medicine theory, the fine needles, when inserted release the energy that has become blocked.  The side effects are only positive!

What we now know, is that acupuncture helps relax the nervous system, improves local circulation, blocks pain pathways, and reduces inflammation. Sometimes the relief is immediate, but more often it is a process that takes several visits.

Some of the most common types of pain treated are: