True Prevention

In Ancient Chinese Medicine, the most sought after doctors were those who kept their patients well.  By strengthening and keeping their patients in balance, illness did not set in.  This concept of “resilience” is key to Acupuncture effectiveness. Acupuncture acts as a small stressor that keeps the body sturdy and able to defend itself and/or self heal.

Self Healing

Even once a health condition sets in, the body can often help to heal itself.  Acupuncture helps to nudge the body to do this. It’s like touching a mobile, a small touch can lead to small and large changes.  I call this the “healing shift.”

Show me the shift

The challenge is to be able to “show” this healing shift, so people don’t have to take it on faith.  Even though patients have profound results from Acupuncture, they are often discounted as placebo, coincidence, etc. By measuring the subtle autonomic changes using HRV, we can often demonstrate the shift that has taken place.

Measure of Health

Just as keeping your Blood Pressure at a healthy level prevents vascular disease, keeping your stress levels at an optimal level helps your immunity, mood, sleep, pain and slows the ageing process.  This is true prevention, and this is the goal.

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