Evaluation of Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation of the Auricle for Relief of Postoperative Pain Following Cesarean Section

Kristen Sparrow • October 03, 2019

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This study looks at using ear stimulation for pain control after C section.  They use a proprietary device to stimulate the ear developed in India, but also for sale in the States.  The group with the ear stimulation required less pain medication than the control group. I sent for more info about the ear stim device, but suspect it’s pretty pricey.
Percutaneous Auricular Nerve Stim for Post Op Csection 10.1.2019
Objective: Percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is a nonpharmacologic modality of analgesia. This study
was conducted to evaluate such a technology (ANSiStim, DyAnsys Inc., San Mateo, CA) prospectively, in
conjunction with standard analgesia per patient demand, for managing postoperative pain following lowersegment
cesarean section.
Materials and Methods: One hundred parturients were randomized into 2 equal groups (controls and study
cases). The latter cohort consisted of parturients for whom nerve stimulation was exerted on the pinna. Pain scores
were compared across subjects at corresponding time points with 17 intervals in 48 hours, and, in totality, using
estimated area under the curves of numerical scores. Conditional inference analysis was also performed.
Results: Ninety-six parturients were finally included. The device was well-tolerated by a majority of parturients.
Pain scores were significantly lower in the study group, both at corresponding time intervals and in
totality. (H – 15)*(0.74 – H)*(H2 – 17H + 110)/440, where H was the corresponding hour, fit the pain scores
in the control group. Controls could be detected at the 11 hour with greater pain scores (‡ 4), whereas smaller
scores (£ 2) at the 42nd hour mostly revealed that electrical stimulation was performed ( p < 0.001). Requirements
for supplementary analgesics were lower for subjects who were given the electroanalgesia.
Conclusions: Neurostimulation via the ANSiStim is a safe and reasonably effective ambulatory analgesic
adjuvant following abdominal delivery. There are no serious adverse effects.