Scooped! Tiny Wireless Implants

Kristen Sparrow • May 26, 2014

Ada Poon, a Stanford electrical engineer, holds a device that can be implanted in the body and controlled wirelessesly. Photo: Michael Macor, The ChronicleThis has been the ultimate goal of mine, the tiny implant that could mimic acupuncture needling on an ongoing basis.  They are developing the technology.  Wow.  It’s actually happening.

But “we believe this can be paradigm-shifting,” he said, and “can be a whole new class of medicines.”

Word to that.  I so want IN.
And then there’s this,

SetPoint is developing a tiny, implantable, wirelessly charged device that stimulates a nerve to activate a natural bodily reflex that counters inflammation. Currently, the device is undergoing in clinical trials with rheumatoid-arthritis patients, the world’s first clinical trial of its kind.

I’m sure that’s vagal stim.  I want IN!!! Not to invest, but to add my 2 cents.  Since that’s about what they’re worth… 😉