Case Studies

Acupuncture for Hypertension: Remarkable Case Study

Kristen Sparrow • May 28, 2014

This is the amazing case of a 60+ year old woman with long standing (30 year) history of high blood pressure.  Her daughter brought her in for acupuncture treatment since she refuses any sort of medications.  She comes from a more traditional society and is skeptical of modern medicine and always found an excuse to stop the medicines she was taking.  Her blood pressure had been 207/100 in the emergency room.  Her first reading was 190/90 in my office. The data tells the story beautifully.  This case is noteworthy in the rapidity of the decrease, and the fact that we didn’t need to do intensive treatment. Within a month of weekly visits her blood pressure was normal.
ErWr graph for blog 5.28.14 I treated her with Longhurst protocol and traditional points as well as a few to calm the nervous system. Ear tacks were placed and left in also.
I will include her HRV readings LF/HF comparing 1st to 2nd 5m segments (my current protocol) also.  The marked drop in LF/HF after needling corresponds to increased HRV, parasympathetic enhancement, and ultimately positive response. (By the way, I’m not sure why the treatment was so different on 3.31.14.  Since the notes aren’t clear, I’m not clear either.  I would blame my assistant, but then I remember I don’t have one…)
ErWr LF.HF for blod