Case Studies

Acupuncture, Stress Levels (HRV), and Vestibular Migraine: El.Di. edition

Kristen Sparrow • January 20, 2018

Stories with Data from the Clinic

This is another story from the clinic with data.  This is patient who has dizziness with headache, high blood pressure, and anxiety.  All of these conditions seem linked.  He carries a diagnosis of Vestibular Migraine, but it’s hard to know if his is an actual migraine type condition or something else.  Migraine patients have certain characteristics which I’m not sure if this patient exhibits.  This matters because of the course of treatment and acupuncture points used.

So far, the results have not been decisive. He is certainly no worse, but we haven’t achieved the level of results that I’ve come to expect.  This makes me question the diagnosis of vestibular migraine.  The last two sessions I used bilateral alternating TAVNS 25hz. It seems to be having a positive effect on his stress levels.  We will have to wait to see the clinical results since this is a chronic condition and could take time.


His overall HRV is relatively high. This is to be expected with chronic conditions.  In these types of patients, the most valuable data is the linear data, not nonlinear.

Here is his Parasympathetic data, or vagal activity, “Rest and Digest”