Case Studies

Acupuncture, Stress Levels and Chronic Intractable Migraine: Af.Es. editioin

Kristen Sparrow • January 20, 2018

photo of Kristen Sparrow clinic
Stories from the Clinic with Data

This data is from a relatively new patient who has severe, chronic migraine.  He is on multiple medications.  He takes daily medications, anti-anxiety medications, and tryptans for attacks.  The first priority is to try to stabilize his system with acupuncture and avoiding tryptans whenever possible.  He is unable to work, so the disability he is facing is severe.  He has had Botox treatments to no avail and has tried multiple medications.  He comes to the clinic desperate, so is willing to do whatever he can.

No surprise, his overall stress levels are high, so nonlinear data is of no use.  His overall stress levels with treatment follow.  He seems to be responding to TAVNS (Trans Auricular Vagal Nerve Stimulation) in addition to his acupuncture.  Clinically he is improved in that his tryptan use is down. As with the previous patient, the clinical results often take time, so it remains to be seen.

These are his stress levels since coming to the clinic. Nice!