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Acupuncture and Allergy, Facial Rash: Clinical Case Study HRV, No.Ge. edition

Kristen Sparrow • January 18, 2018

photo of reception Kristen Sparrow
Stories from the Clinic

As in the previous post, this patient has had good clinical results.  Thought the rash is still present, it is better and less of an issue.  It is a facial rash of unknown origin, with patchy red blotches on the neck, around the eyes and mouth.  She seems to have responded to electroacupuncture, a published acupuncture protocol for allergies.

She, also, is young, healthy and active.  Her overall HRV is high.  So in addition to looking at parasympathetic and sympathetic activity, nonlinear data may be revealing.











Overall stress data

Her parasympathetic data, her “rest and digest”.

Her sympathetic activity data, her “fright or flight”.

Her parasympathetic and nonlinear data combined.