“Radical Resilience” by K. Sparrow, MD, blends ancient health teachings with modern science to redefine wellness and longevity. This insightful book, through a blend of acupuncture, neuroscience, and immunology, challenges conventional medical perspectives and guides readers towards achieving enduring health and resilience in today’s world.

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In the annals of ancient teachings, there were secrets ensuring robust health, emotional harmony, enduring vitality and a lifespan of 100 years and beyond.  Yet, in our frenzied, polluted modern world, these aspirations feel impossible. But what if they weren’t? In Radical Resilience, an anesthesiologist/pediatrician turned acupuncture practitioner and researcher explores these age-old promises.

Drawing on recent discoveries in immunology, neuroscience, longevity research and complexity science, K. Sparrow, MD takes acupuncture and other practices from the realm of placebo to scientifically grounded, plausible and useful, with potentially profound implications for health and medicine.

Radical Resilience includes insights from major researchers and prominent thought leaders from medical and non-medical worlds, intertwined with compelling stories of acupuncture patients and real-life examples from the headlines. With her many years of experience in major medical institutions, Dr. Sparrow offers readers an understanding of modern medicine’s shortcomings, perverse incentives and biases which can lead to unfortunate outcomes. To learn how to avoid them, readers will explore such concepts as hormesis, vagal improvement, and harm avoidance, which are vital to achieving resilience.

Armed with new mental models, readers will understand the central roles of stress, autonomic balance and inflammation in countless conditions from migraine and irritable bowel disease to cancer and Alzheimer’s, reinforcing the ancient teaching that all systems are connected.  By the end, they will see that even “well-being,” a previously elusive state, is quantifiable—and that through the lens of modern science the invisible has become visible.

Consider this your handbook for vigorous health, improved mood and longer life, and prepare to expand your mental models and grasp the extraordinary possibility of “radical resilience.” 

Praise for Radical Resilience

Radical Resilience reads like a fascinating detective story of the body, including stories about modern day medicine practitioners and researchers, drug companies, case histories and ancient methods revealed. It gave me a new way of looking at what is currently offered as effective healthcare. I highly recommend this book!

Read Radical Resistance if you are curious about acupuncture and if you want to know…..

About your own body’s systems and how they work
How to attain balance in your body 
How to relieve stress, pain, and have better mental health
How ancient cultures and methods have so much to offer us in today’s crazy world! 


In today’s technology-fueled environment we all too often see ‘cutting edge’ devices and drugs applied from ‘outside-in,’ ignoring the power that remains unharnessed.  Dr. Sparrow leads the reader on a scientific yet understandable journey describing the resilience that lies within us.  She masterfully translates elements of modern medicine including immunology, longevity and stress into an enjoyable and absorbing read…



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