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Younger Skin Through Exercise

Kristen Sparrow • April 25, 2014


Even with Exercise, Sitting is Hazardous!
Even with Exercise, Sitting is Hazardous!

From the NYTimes, a study on exercise and how it can improve skin tone and even reverse the aging process.  It seems to affect the skin underlayer.  It can’t help sun damage though, unfortunately.
(We’ve discussed the positive anti-aging effects of exercise here and here, but not specifically on the skin.)

Exercise not only appears to keep skin younger, it may also even reverse skin aging in people who start exercising late in life, according to surprising new research
The researchers suspect that additional myokines and substances are also involved in the skin changes related to exercise, Dr. Tarnopolsky said, making it unlikely that any IL-15 pill, salve or injection will ever replicate the skin benefits of a workout.
Nor is there evidence that exercise reverses wrinkling and other damage from the sun, some of which many of us accumulate during outdoor exercise. Still, Dr. Tarnopolsky said, “it is astonishing to consider all of the intricate ways in which exercise changes our bodies” —including the skin beneath our shorts.