Stress, Bowel Disease, and Anxiety

Kristen Sparrow • April 26, 2014

I went to this talk a week ago.  Aditi Bhargava has developed a model of ongoing stress in mice with focus not only on gut health, but how it affects anxiety states.  The talk had some aspects that lost me (probably more my fault than hers) but the topic of stress and how it relates to health is being refined. I was unaware that one of her publications was with Sapolsky, a huge influence of mine.
Stressed or relaxed, how do your genes fit: the role of CRF family of neuropeptides in mediating stress and inflammation
Presenter: Aditi Bhargava, PhD
Liu LS, Qian Li, Sapolsky R, Liao M, Mehta K, Bhargava A, Pasricha PJ. 2011. Transient gastric irritation in the neonatal rats leads to changes in the hypothalamic CRF expression, depression- and anxiety-like behavior as adults. PLoS ONE. 12;6(5):e19498.