Case Studies

tVNS and HRV Data in Migraine Patient: Ca.Fr

Kristen Sparrow • June 23, 2016

I’m stymied.  I’m quite unclear on why in some patients the complexity or nonlinear data tracks the frequency data quite well, and in others it doesn’t.  Just when I start to think I’m getting a handle on trends, the data is ugly and doesn’t cooperate.

This patient has quite a few complaints, but often they center on headaches and nausea, and I’m wondering if she doesn’t have a migraine equivalent.  This LF/HF data, overall stress levels, arrow shows the last treatment when I did some 2HZ ear stim at concha and cymba concha. She has felt better with the treatments in June.  The HRV response has been equivocal though.  And notice how the complexity has not really correlated with the parasympathetic.

Ugly, inconclusive data.

Ca.Fr 6.22.16 LF.HF Ca.Fr. 6.22.16 sampen Ca.Fr. 6.22.2016 HFnorm