Case Studies

Acupuncture, HRV, and Multiple Sclerosis

Kristen Sparrow • June 21, 2016


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Kuan Yin
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2016 data from this patient who comes regularly for prevention/optimization acupuncture. She carries a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.  She is best served by keeping her immune system optimized and her preference is to do this with acupuncture.  This, of course, is a hard thing to prove, but her symptoms are infrequent and her MRI’s unchanged.  I have treated her for years, but this year her treatments have been much more consistent.  Each group of columns is a treatment, each column is 3 minutes worth of data.  The black arrow shows the last treatment where she had ear stim to increase parasympathetic activity.  You can see, though the results are jagged,  a relative decrease over time.


Chart of HRV data
Autonomic Balance LF/HF Lower values healthier












Parasympathetic Activity=Rest and Digest, Higher Values Healthier
Parasympathetic Activity=Rest and Digest, Higher Values Healthier

This data is  her parasympathetic activity. You can see the increase with ear stim in her case.