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TAVNS Clinical Data Not a Panacea: Li.Ma and St.Gi edition

Kristen Sparrow • January 11, 2020

TAVNS Clinical Data Not a Panacea: Li.Ma and St.Gi edition

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Stories from the Clinic with Data

In the spirit of “there’s no bad data only bad hypotheses” I share this data.  This is from a long time patient (>3 years) who comes monthly for cosmetic acupuncture. I’ve tried TAVNS on her a few times and the results show in increase in her sympathetic/parasympathetic balance to a dramatic degree.  Not once, not twice but three times.  Or as we used to say in medicine “In case after case after case…”  The joke being that 3 times doesn’t mean anything.  But if you look at her data, I hope you see what I mean.  The last visit on Jan 7th, the batteries of my device gave out so truncated data that I should probably not include.

My point here is that TAVNS may not be for everyone. Not only that but implanted vagal stimulation may not be for everyone.  HRV may be a way to discern which patients it will benefit most.  To me, this is an inexpensive way to avoid needless cost and effort.

But if you look at the circled data, those are the visits where I used TAVNS.  I included LF/HF data only here, but all of the different parameters showed similar results.  In the first patient presented here, she feels very relaxed with the

TAVNS, but the data don’t show that.  Tricky business.