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Slow Aging, Huberman and David Sinclair

Kristen Sparrow • July 03, 2024

This is an Andrew Huberman episode with David Sinclair from a few years ago.  Sinclair is under fire lately for unprofessional, overblown claims.  I relied on his research for my chapter on Longevity in my book Radical Resilience, and so I have concerns about what his science actually shows!  I’ve blogged about Sinclair’s work here and here.

I also wrote an ebook on Longevity which used a lot of his science.  Oh well!  We will see how the longevity science evolves in the future.

In this video they cover

  • The role of epigenetics and how gene expression affects aging.
  • Interventions that can potentially slow down or reverse aging, such as calorie restriction, intermittent fasting, and certain supplements.
  • The importance of maintaining cellular health and DNA repair mechanisms.
  • Emerging therapies and technologies aimed at extending human lifespan and improving health span.