Ethics in Medicine

Self Rated Health Scores and Heart Rate Variability

Kristen Sparrow • February 26, 2016


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In researching background material for my upcoming presentation at the AAMA (American Academy of Medical Acupuncture) conference in Anaheim, I came across this study.  It has so many interesting aspects to it, but I will confine myself to this excerpt.

“Consistent with our hypothesis HRV is a more inclusive and integrative index than other frequently investigated biomarkers. There are several compelling reasons why this might be the case. First, it has been shown consistently that measures of vagally-mediated HRV have strong independent associations with mortality and morbidity [29,39] and so does SRH [1]. Second, measures of vagally-mediated HRV are independently associated with a range of biomarkers including inflammatory and MetS biomarkers [2426]. Third, vagally-mediated HRV is associated with emotional regulation and dysregulation [40,41]. The latter two points show that vagally-mediated HRV is associated with both biological measures as well as psychological measures and thus might be more inclusive just as SRH is.”