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Neuromodulation Tremor Device

Kristen Sparrow • March 01, 2016

What a very, very strange coincidence.  After dropping off my rent check yesterday (gratitude abounds for my own private, lovely office) on the fourth floor, and I was looking around and low and behold, the “International Neuromodulation Society.”  I’ve been interested in this field for awhile, since clearly, acupuncture is a sort of neuromodulation.  Has it been there forever and I just never noticed??? Crazy.

After going to the website, this article jumped out at me.  It’s a neurostim device hooked up to a watch.  Granted for severe tremors, this may be great. But having successfully treated a patient with intention tremor with acupuncture, I still think acupuncture is a more elegant solution for cases not so severe.  I think we should always be looking for the “minimum effective dose.