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Oura Ring for Sleep Analysis: Longer Sleep Longer Life

Kristen Sparrow • December 27, 2021

According to Professor Matthew Walker, the more and better your sleep, the longer your life.  Lack of sleep contributes to a long list of health problems.

I’ve been using the Oura ring mainly to analyze my sleep.  I am not at all sure how reliable it is!  But for those who are interested in seeing the effects of different variables on your sleep ( hot bath, breathing, alcohol, caffeine)  it may give your some insight.

REM sleep is adversely affected by alcohol.  Deep or Non=REM sleep (nREM) declines with age and is adversely affected by caffeine.  Even a few cups in the morning can damage your nREM sleep.

I’m sharing an example of my own data below.   I have done acupuncture before bed and it seems to improve HRV, and perhaps REM sleep.

This first screen gives an overall rating with the timing of your sleep, the percentages of REM and deep or  NREM sleep.

This shows a graphic of light sleep, wakefulness and NREM and REM sleep


This image shows the lowest heart rate and average Heart Rate Variability for the night.  Optimally, you want a low heart rate, and a higher HRV.