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Cardiac Response to Auricular Acupuncture

Kristen Sparrow • January 11, 2022

Dynamic_Pulse_Reaction_-_Update_2020 Litscher

This reflex auricular cardiac (RAC)reaction is something that Litscher is interested in.  From what I gather, it is an immediate reaction to ear needling that can be detected by wearable technologies.  He acknowledges work done with Heart Rate Variability, which is my focus.

“Litscher et al. [7] published an original article in
Integrative Medicine International in 2014 together with German and Chinese researchers. A new
high-resolution imaging technique for registering pulsating surface changes could make it possible
to quantify the RAC (reflex auricular-cardiac reaction)  reproducibly for the first time even without statistical analysis. This method
combines an innovative microscope system, video analysis software, and special image processing
software (from the Beijing University of Science and Technology). ”

“The study, based on an earlier set of tests on measurements and analyses of heart rate variability,
showed various reproducible changes in physiological parameters. A total of seven parameters and
various external non-invasive stimuli were recorded under a defined setup and test course. The
authors assumed that the RAC is a manifestation of a cardiac reaction of the autonomic nervous
system, which then triggers a pulse wave. They concluded that the use of subtle stimuli near the
limit of perception should be appropriate to allow for repeatable testing of immediate vagal and
delayed sympathetic response.”

OBM Integrative and
Complementary Medicine
Dynamic Pulse Reaction – Update 2020
Gerhard Litscher *
Research Unit of Biomedical Engineering in Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine, Research Unit
for Complementary and Integrative Laser Medicine, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

2020, volume 5, issue 4
Received: November 11, 2020
Accepted: November 12, 2020
Published: November 13, 2020
The Nogier reflex or reflex auriculo-cardiac (RAC) or the dynamic pulse reaction is a
physiological phenomenon that is not generally accepted in conventional medicine. Therefore,
evidence-based research in this sub-area is important for auricular medicine as it provides
appropriate scientific evidence for better acceptance. In this editorial, a RAC measurement
based on a modified smartphone registration and analysis is presented. The contribution is
intended to stimulate researchers to continue working in this interesting area.
Nogier reflex; reflex auriculo-cardiac (RAC); dynamic pulse reaction; auricular medicine; basic
research; integrative and complementary medicine