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Italy Rules: Cell Phone Caused Tumor

Kristen Sparrow • November 13, 2012

This feeds the ongoing controversy over the long term safety of cell phones.  The jury is out, but use the precautionary principle and be careful. Use a headset as much as possible and don’t leave your phone in your pocket. Nagging done.
Italy: Court blames tumor on cell phone
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To do his job, Innocenzo Marcolini chatted on his cell phone up to six hours daily, often holding the device in his left hand.
After a dozen years, the Italian businessman developed a noncancerous brain tumor near his left ear. Last month, in a ruling believed to be the first of its kind, Italy’s top court sided with doctors who blamed the tumor on electromagnetic radiation from his phone…
Concerns over cell-phone safety have particularly resonated in San Francisco, which passed a landmark ordinance – now on hold because of a legal challenge – to require that the products come with warnings…
“The jury is still out on whether really heavy use of cell phones may increase risk of brain cancers,” Wiemels said…
It did note that participants who used cell phones the most showed a higher risk of glioma. But the researchers said there was not enough information to prove that a strong link existed.