Clues from the Animal World

Kristen Sparrow • November 12, 2012


Anatomy Trains Picture of Monkey
Myofascial Relations from Our Ancestors

Isn’t this picture from Anatomy Trains, by Tom Myers provocative?    In humans, we don’t think of the arm musculature as being related to the trunk, but in the context of apes, there could very likely be a relationship.What else can we learn by looking closely at animals? And then if we look at the Pericardium meridian we can see that the ancient Chinese were way ahead of us, as usual.  I like to look for clues in in the “animal kingdom,”  as in this blog post where we discussed scientists looking for more natural solutions, and the wonder of primates being able to remember a particular plant in the forest and then find it again and then walk for miles to find it when sick to heal their particular afflictions.  I should add that there’s something about that ape picture that makes me want to hang from the bars at Bar Method a bit longer, it’s gotta be good for you…
Acupuncture Meridian of the Pericardium
Clues from the Myofascia?