Medical Research

HRV in Post Stroke Patients Teleacupuncture Analysis

Kristen Sparrow • August 11, 2011

This study is from the same group I’ve linked to and discussed here, here and here. This is Part 1, so I’ll be looking forward to their further studies coming up. There is the added advantage that you can view the entire journal article online.

What they found is that using acupuncture on one single point, pericardium 5, on one side lowered increased HRV. (For further information about my practice and research .)

Results. Acupuncture does not change heart rate in the post-stroke patients; however, total HRV increased significantly (P < .05) during and 5–10 minutes after acupuncture. In addition, balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic activity (low frequency/high frequency HRV ratio) changes markedly during treatment. Conclusions. Based on innovative HRV analysis, it could be demonstrated that teleacupuncture between China/Harbin and Austria/Graz over a distance of about 8,500 km is no longer a future vision; it has become reality.”