Ethics in Medicine

Houston Lawyer Suing over Faulty Hip Prostheses

Kristen Sparrow • August 11, 2011

Per my previous post about the Medical Device Industry trying to quash new regulations, there is this story.

A Houston Lawyer is suing a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson Linkover hip replacement prosthetic devices that were supposed to last 15 years, but resulted in metal on metal friction that could lead to bone and tissue deterioration. That deterioration, if not caught early enough, could make it much more difficult to successfully replace the faulty hip.

Of course, we also know that there has been a decades long push by corporations to do away with this sort of mass action litigation with something called “tort reform.” (See the movie Hot Coffee.) So between trying to do away with regulation, and simultaneously doing away with being able to have your day in court, I guess we’ll all just be on our own. (info on my practice here.)