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For Better Sleep Fix Your Day

Kristen Sparrow • January 23, 2022

Good sleep for long life

Lots of good tips in this article on an ever popular topic of better sleep. Excerpt below. Readers of my blog and newsletters know that this is a topic that comes up constantly in the clinic, and I’m interested in it myself.  A focus of mine is longevity and the longer you sleep, the longer your life.  I’ve taken to wearing an Oura ring to document my sleep.  Yes.  I’ve become on of those people.

Full pdf hereTo Get a Better Night’s Sleep, First Fix Your Day – WSJ

Wake up the right way

A good night’s sleep starts with having a regular wake-up time that doesn’t vary by more than an hour, even on the weekend, says Fariha Abbasi-Feinberg, medical director of sleep medicine at Millennium Physician Group in Fort Myers, Fla. Anything more than that is “going to mess with your circadian rhythm,” she says, referring to the 24-hour cycle of physical and mental changes.

Get bright light in the morning as soon as you can, which tells your body it is time to wake up and suppresses the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin, she says. It is even better if you can do it outside. If enough natural light isn’t available when you wake up, Dr. Buysse suggests using a full-spectrum light box or visor for a half-hour to an hour.