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Covid Tracker Worldwide

Kristen Sparrow • March 22, 2020

I started tracking this on Tuesday, March 17th, once we were providing more Covid 19 testing. On Tuesday, Spain had 11,000 cases, we had 5100.  Now Spain has 28,500 and we have 27,000.  We have caught up with Spain in 5 days.  Obviously, Spain is a 10th the size of the U.S., but our cases are multiplying. The news out of Spain is horrendous. My second, lovely, joy-filled “home”.  They’ll be fine, they’ve lived through way worse. But awful.

If my readership all read in Spanish, I would love to link to a thoughtful article (aren’t they all in La Vanguardia??) about how our priorities have changed.  How the election in the U.S., Catalan separation, transgender bathrooms, all seem utterly trivial now. Maybe that’s a lesson somehow since all of those topics have been tearing people apart.