Ethics in Medicine

Are Bacteria Making Us Crave the Wrong Things?

Kristen Sparrow • August 23, 2014

Interesting article that outlines precedent for a parasite (in this case bacteria) causing us to eat food that benefit THEM instead of US. Creepy, but who knows?

Schematic for Antibiotics versus bacteria
Use Antibiotics Judiciously!

“We’ve come to appreciate how beneficial our microbes are, breaking down our food, fighting off infections and nurturing our immune system. It’s a lovely, invisible garden we should be tending for our own well-being.
But in the journal BioEssays, a team of scientists has raised a creepier possibility. Perhaps our menagerie of germs is also influencing our behavior in order to advance its own evolutionary success – giving us cravings for certain foods, for example.
Maybe the microbiome is our puppet master.[/fusion_builder_column] [/fusion_builder_row] [/fusion_builder_container]