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Acupuncture For Allergies: Hey, It Cured Me

Kristen Sparrow • March 05, 2013

From the SF Chronicle.
One of my favorite conditions to treat is allergy because it responds so well.  Always? Of course not, but the results are typically great.  My allergies disappeared, albeit after 2 courses of acupuncture (patience pays when it comes to acupuncture.)  I reported on a recent editorial in the Annals of Internal Medicine, a reaction to recent positive studies on Acupuncture and Allergy.
Bel Marra Health, who offers high-quality, specially formulated vitamins and nutritional supplements, is reporting on a new research that shows how acupuncture is being studied as an effective preventative of seasonal allergies.
Bel Marra Health reports in its article ( symptoms of allergies represent the immune system at work, in which specific cells start producing substances called histamines to combat the pollen present in the immediate environment.
According to a recent medical report published in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture may also be used for the prevention of seasonal allergies. Acupuncture is considered as a traditional alternative form of medicine that involves the placement of very thin needs at specific points of the body…
In order to fully understand and appreciate the effects of acupuncture on seasonal allergies, the study population was randomly divided into three groups. One group received acupuncture treatment coupled with anti-histamine medications, the second group received needle treatments in other areas of the body that were not recognized as acupoints, thus representing fake acupuncture, together with anti-histamine medications. The third group, as a control group, only received anti-histamine medications.
The results of the study showed that study participants who received this alternative Chinese method improved their symptoms of allergies compared to those that were simply on anti-histamines and/or underwent fake needle treatment…

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