Medical Research

Acupuncture and TAVNS HRV: St.Gi Edition

Kristen Sparrow • January 07, 2020

Following up on yesterday’s post this patients data shows a similar discrepancy in the data.  She, also, employed deep breathing in one of the sessions.  It drove down her LF/HF which can be interpreted as an increase in her stress levels, but in the same session her RMSSD went up which means the opposite.  This is a huge conundrum since the point of trying to come up with a robust HRV protocol is to try to determine which treatment strategy works best for each patient.  When two different parameters give the opposite result, instead of corroborating each other, the whole project is much more complicated.  Pitfall or opportunity?  The ability to exploit HRV is really in question…

I didn’t break down the RMSSD by treatment date, so you’ll just have to trust me that it is high on 12.2.2019 when she was deep breathing and Lf/HF also high, which are opposite in implication.