Ethics in Medicine

Unreliable Research Can Be Deadly

Kristen Sparrow • November 22, 2013

So depressing.  Another story about a drug that would cause the problem that it was trying to solve, in this case heart attacks.  The company who developed it hid the hazards.
November 19, 2013
Doctors Say Heart Drug Raised Risk of an Attack
Cardiologists have accused a small drug company of withholding data from a clinical trial showing that the company’s drug, meant to reduce the risk of heart attacks, increased the risk instead.
The cardiologists said that the company, Anthera Pharmaceuticals, did not turn over data to academic investigators, as it was required to do, for more than a year…
Studies and lawsuits have shown that many clinical trial results, particularly negative ones, are not published. Critics say that hampers medical practice and violates an obligation to patients, who try experimental treatments in part to advance knowledge..
The trial was terminated early by the safety monitoring committee in March 2012. The company announced that the committee had determined that there was no chance the drug would succeed in the trial.
The results show that patients who got the drug actually had a higher risk of cardiovascular problems, mainly heart attacks, than those who received a placebo.