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Time Magazine Alternative Medicine Issue: Anti Aging II

Kristen Sparrow • November 01, 2012

The longevity advice here seems basic, but for thoroughness sake here goes.
1. Stop smoking. Duh.
2. Reduce stress. Meditation, yoga, Acupuncture (of course.)  A 2005 study shows participants who meditated over a long period had thicker cerebral cortices. A recent study showed even 4 weeks of meditation improved white matter
3. Stay trim.  The bigger the waistline the smaller the brain.
4. Keep moving.  A healthy heart is a healthy brain.
5. Eat right.  Antioxidants- dark colored fruits and vegetables, fish, plant oils. Avoid sugars, processed foods, alcohol and refined grains. ( I will withhold my snark comments here…)
6. Keep learning
7. Stay connected.