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The Power of the First Doctor video

Kristen Sparrow • August 07, 2023

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In the bygone world where ancient Chinese practice was the mainstream of the day, fostering deep energetic balance in body and mind was believed to lead to robust resilience and resistance to disease and harm. This ancient practice sought to achieve not just longevity but also inner stability and prevention through a tough constitution. Today, this vision might seem exotic, even preposterous, considering our modern lives filled with toxins, stress, and health concerns. But what if there was a way to stay healthy, ward off illness, and live longer? What if we could make our bodies stronger and sturdier to prevent problems before they even take hold.


Our modern world appears far removed from the ancient practices of 2600 BC China. Toxins and pollutants surround us, stress levels are high, and diseases like cancer, heart disease, and dementia are constant worries. But what if some parts of that ancient vision aren’t as outlandish as they seem? In my upcoming book, we explore the possibility of staying healthy, preventing illness, and living longer by tapping into the wisdom of ancient Chinese medicine.

Ancient Chinese medicine embraced a harmonious, balanced lifestyle, with Chinese Medicine playing a central role. While some aspects of this knowledge have faded with time, others endure. These time-tested teachings could hold the key to new avenues of treatment, research, and practical ways to optimize health and longevity

Longevity science is a relatively new field in modern medicine, but it was a fundamental goal in the teachings of ancient Chinese medicine. The concept of fostering resilience for a longer life is deeply woven into its fabric.

Our journey begins with a parable known as “The Three Doctors.” Ancient Chinese medicine regarded Dr. One as the best doctor, known for keeping patients well and curing them when needed. His patients visited him not just during sickness but in good health, understanding the value of prevention and optimization.

Dr. Two, the second-best doctor, could cure patients when they fell sick but lacked the preventative approach of Dr. One. On the other hand, Dr. Three, the worst doctor, made patients worse with his ineffective treatments.

As we explore the teachings of ancient Chinese medicine in this book, we’ll draw parallels between the approaches of The Three Doctors to illustrate key points. Through the wisdom of the past, we aim to uncover practical ways to lead a healthier, more vital life in our modern world. Join us on this journey as we delve into The First Doctor – a timeless pursuit of health and longevity inspired by the ancient masters