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TaVNS and HRV monitoring: Case Study Ra.Bo. edition

Kristen Sparrow • December 31, 2017

photo of reception Kristen Sparrow
Stories from the Clinic

This is an example of how I try use the heart rate variability analysis data to help determine best treatment options.  This patient has anxiety and high blood pressure.  I wanted to see if the Ear stimulation device (TAVNS) that I use would help lower her stress levels.

So if you look below each group of columns, each representing a treatment, you can see that some have a designation of bilatestimalt or bilatear25hz. These are the treatments where we tried the estim.  I think you can see how the estim seemed to lead to a spike in her stress levels.  I have opted not to include this addition to her acupuncture treatment.  By the way, she reported no ill effects from the ear stim, but to be on the safe side, I would want to avoid it.