Case Studies

TaVNS and HRV: Clinical Studies El.Ma. Edition

Kristen Sparrow • January 01, 2018

photo of Kristen Sparrow clinic
Stories from the Clinic with Data

One more chapter in the TAVNS story.  We have discussed this patient before,  here and here.  This is a young woman, migraineur, who has had dramatic and almost complete remission of her migraines.  She has had one or two “break through” headaches during her menstrual cycles, but for the most part is headache free and requires no medications.  She likes the feel of the TAVNS during her treatments and, again, as with the previous case, her stress levels appear to be lower during treatment with the TAVNS. From 10.17.17 to 12.19.17 with consistent application, the stress levels seem to be lower with the TAVNS.  Overall, her stress levels appear to have decreased over the year and a half of treatment, also.