Case Studies

Clinical Case: Migraine and HRV El.Ma. Exception Makes the Rule?

Kristen Sparrow • February 05, 2017

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Ancient Medicine Made Modern

This has been a gratifying case from the standpoint of clinical results.  Quick decisive elimination of her migraines.  She did have a migraine related to the flu within the last two weeks, but that was a rare exception.  Her pharmacy called her withing a few months of her starting acupuncture to ask why she hadn’t picked up her medication.

But from the standpoint of HRV, I’m just stymied by this case. Unlike this textbook example, I can’t see any trend in any of her parameters.  Not time, frequency nor nonlinear.  This case, also discussed before, I was also puzzled that there was no trend until I realized that his nonlinear activity had, indeed, decreased over time. But in this case, nothing that I can detect.  Perhaps the exception makes the rule, but I don’t like that explanation.  It means I’m missing something!