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TAVNS and Acupuncture in the Clinic: J.L. and C.H. edition

Kristen Sparrow • March 11, 2019

photo of reception Kristen Sparrow
Stories from the Clinic

After I used TAVNS on these patients in the same day, I realized they had some things in common. Both very athletic and hard workers.  One patient comes in for hot flashes/Pms, the other anxiety.  Both of them had a pronounced drop in their LF/HF with the TAVNS.  Is it reproducible?  We will see.  I’m reporting on these two because, for once, the data cooperated in that TAVNS lead to a pronounced decrease in LF/HF.  So that’s good. On the down side, even though both of them have high RMSSD and Pnn50, their complexity data did not reflect this relaxation response shift.  Oh well! Can’t win ’em all.  But with time, I’m going to figure this thing out.  They both had a marked decrease in LF/HF at minute 12.
They both had a low point in LF (sympathetic activity) at minute 12 also.  In both cases .2 or below, which is extremely low comparatively.