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Rapamycin for Longevity

Kristen Sparrow • May 01, 2023

deepak chopra and rapamycin
A healthy daily dose of yoga in addition to rapamycin

This article looks at the recent science behind rapamycin for longevity.  It’s sort of funny to me that Deepak Chopra would be taking it.  He claims he also does 2 hours of yoga a day which I consider a better strategy. I did a post on rapaymycin and metformin here.

I firmly believe in first doing no harm, so I will not be taking either Rapamycin nor Metformin until we have much more data on it.  My ebook on Longevity is here.  Meanwhile I do my best to do cold shower and bay swim, sauna, exercise,time restricted eating and taking Astra Essence.  Those strategies harness your own feedback systems, a better, more robust way to go.