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NPR: Acupuncture for Allergies

Kristen Sparrow • February 03, 2015

Engravings of noses from 1797.
From NPR, it appears “New guidelines from the Academy of Otolaryngology should make it easier for people and their doctors to choose the treatments that will help the most, from over-the-counter remedies like antihistamines to more serious interventions like allergy shots and even surgery.”…
“Acupuncture may help relieve symptoms and improve quality of life for people with perennial allergic rhinitis, and may help with seasonal allergies. too, according to several studies. Thus it could be an option for people looking for nonpharmaceutical treatments.”
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One of the areas with the most potential in Acupuncture, IMHO, is acupuncture for immune system problems.  Allergies just being one of many conditions.