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Nice testimonial from a patient with allergies

Kristen Sparrow • June 24, 2011

Just for something different, I thought I’d share with you a testimonial from a patient I’ve been treating for allergic rhinitis. I received it yesterday and it hopefully speaks for itself. In this particular case, I started with acupuncture alone, and then added Astra Essence, an overall tonic with astragalus to strengthen the lung, as a daily tonic.
I developed allergies to cats and dogs about 30 years ago. I tried allergy shots for a year and they did not seem to help. When I went to friends’ houses, I had to take a Zyrtec or Claritin, found that the pills did not always work and also found that they made me feel drowsy and a little off — just when I’d most like to socialize. You’re not supposed to drink when you take those medications, so wine with dinner was a problem.
Over the years, the allergies seemed to be getting worse. Feeling that this was all headed in the wrong direction, I wondered whether acupuncture could help when shots and pills had not. I didn’t have much to lose. Dr. Sparrow’s experience with her own allergies and acupuncture sounded promising and I liked the fact that she is a trained physician.
Dr. Sparrow has a great manner and is easy to talk to. She explained that the theory is that acupuncture and herbs can help to strengthen and balance your immune system. This made sense, because the medical research links allergies to immune system response.
Most importantly, the acupuncture and herbs are working for me. After just the first few treatments, I have been able to take no pills and still go comfortably to homes of friends with cats and dogs. After a year, it’s even better. Dr. Sparrow advises not to challenge one’s system too much, so I am still careful but I just don’t have to be as careful (or drugged) as I was before. What a relief! As a side bonus, I have not had a cold or other illness in about a year (despite a heavy air travel schedule).*
*results, as with all aspects of medicine, vary from patient to patient
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