Medical Research

New HRV System! Viva Vivosense!

Kristen Sparrow • April 28, 2012

This is what my new analysis system data looks like on the screen.  One can customize which parameters to look at, what window length to use, but most important, it has an extremely sophisticated, automatic method to manage artifact, which is the bane of HRV analysis. The company website is here.
This data is from a patient who is a classic “responder.”  She had moderately severe panic attacks on the freeway which were basically eliminated with acupuncture.  She also gets very “blissed out” with every treatment and so comes often just because it feels so therapeutic to her.  If you notice in the top green linline there are gray areas.  These represent areas that were removed due to artifact.  She had quite a few! the next line is LFR/HFR during the session.  As you can see it goes down, which is what we would expect with a responder.  The next line is Sample Entropy, which tends to go up, also what you would expect.  And the last is pnn50 trend which increases as one would expect with increasing HRV with acupuncture.
update:  Sorry, I didn’t realize that the charts weren’t labelled when transferred to this post.  The first line is the heart rate.  The second line is the LFR/HFR.  The third line is HF (non-normalized).  The fourth line is SampEn.