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More Longevity Tips

Kristen Sparrow • December 15, 2011

I like both of these, from Dr. Mao Shing Ni’s book. Squats and self foot massage.

“Youth Hormone” Factory: Your Body
Imagine a rush of rejuvenating growth hormones in your body without expensive injections or pills. Studies show that just doing squats and leg presses will boost your natural production of “youth hormone to several times the normal output. Increased growth hormone means increased muscle mass and strength, decreased fat deposits, more mental alertness, better sexual enjoyment, and elevated moods…

I have been doing Bar Method for 8 years. It incorporates core strengthening, weight training, push ups, stretching and lots of thigh strengthening exercises. Maybe part of its benefits are the increased growth hormone levels!

Chinese Methuselah’s Longevity Secret
Pengzu, the Chnese Methuselah who reputedly lived 800 years, s said to have invented daoin, a gentle stretching and meditative exercise that some consider to be the predecessor to yoga. One of the first moves of daoin is to take one of your heels and it against the sole of your other foot until you feel heat in the massaged foot, then reverse the feet and repeat with the other heel. Besides stimulation blood flow into the lower extremities, rubbing the bottoms of the feet activates an important acupuncture point for energy and vitality called Gushing Spring. Modern research shows that stimulating the points as a balancing action on the hormonal and nervous systems.

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