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Metformin for Anti Aging

Kristen Sparrow • May 14, 2020

Metformin for Anti Aging

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Ancient Medicine Made Modern

There has been buzz about Metformin as a possible tool to deter aging. On principle I’m opposed to these specific, medication related strategies because I think they can be dangerous, or at least have side effects that are unwanted.  The reason I’m posting this, is that it has the details on how it’s supposed to work.  I’m currently working hard while sheltering in place to get up to speed on Immunology.  There are many commonalities between acupuncture and some immuno/hormonal modulators.  In this case the sirtuins caught my eye, since sirtuins are involved with acupuncture too.  The field of immunology is vast and I’m making a few feeble inroads.


Aging has been targeted by genetic and dietary manipulation and by drugs in order to increase lifespan and health span in numerous models. Metformin, which has demonstrated protective effects against several age-related diseases in humans, will be tested in the TAME (Targeting Aging with Metformin) trial, as the initial step in the development of increasingly effective next-generation drugs.

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