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Life Extension Episode Matt Kaeberlein on Tim Ferriss Podcast

Kristen Sparrow • August 06, 2022

Life Extension Episode Matt Kaeberlein on Tim Ferriss Podcast

I’m interested (aren’t we all?)  in the latest life extension “science” . Science is in quotes because so much of it is still unproven and we are not sure of the real safety.  He gives an anecdote about taking rapamycin to cure his frozen shoulder and it worked.  This is obviously anecdotal, and so I’m not even sure why he spoke about it.  He talked a fair amount about mTOR, a topic in my chapter on longevity.  He also talked about autophagy, another mainstay in the longevity research that concerns pushing cells to “eat themselves” to get rid of toxic proteins and recycle their components.

I find it remarkable that both the host and the guest spoke so openly about the fact that one of the reasons that there hadn’t been much investment or research on Rapamycin was because it was off-patent, meaning there was no great way to make money off it.  A sad commentary on medical and industry research.

This is a great episode if you want to get up to speed on some of the latest thinking behind encouraging a long health-span.

The emphasis in much of this science is looking for drugs that will do this.  Of course, I’m more interested in natural means of improving inflammation through acupuncture.  Safer and has lots of other positive benefits.  But I get that it’s not as easy as taking a pill.  But with time, perhaps we can figure out a delivery system that will make it competitive with a pill!  In the meantime, take your Astra Essence!! To check out the summary of my Longevity Chapter, click here. 

The Life-Extension Episode — Dr. Matt Kaeberlein on The Dog Aging Project, Rapamycin, Metformin, Spermidine, NAD+ Precursors, Urolithin A, Acarbose, and Much More (#610)