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Killer Stress NHK Documentary Outlines the Perils of Too Much Stress on Your System

Kristen Sparrow • September 22, 2019

Calm Woman After Acupuncture
Destress with Acupuncture

I caught this documentary on a recent flight. I can’t seem to find it except on Facebook.  It is aimed at the lay person with explanations for the brain areas involved in the stress response, as well as the autonomic nervous system and adrenal glands.
As much as I read about stress and the ills it causes, I was not aware of the relationship to cancer.  Apparently there are genes called ATF3 which, when turned on, can allow cancer cells to grow.  They are turned on when the body is under unremitting stress.
This documentary also covers the possible link between bacteria from the mouth and vessel disease that can also be related to higher stress hormones.