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Keep Your Brain Forever Young with these 10 immediately usable strategies

Kristen Sparrow • September 05, 2019


1. Physical exercise 30 minutes of fast walking 5 times per week is good.  But any entree into exercise is worth doing.  Even seated.
2. Brain exercise : Games / New dance / New language
3. Eliminate toxins : Cigarettes/ Toxic substance in household product
4. Socialize, volunteer etc…
5. Relax : Spa / Meditation/walking
6. Manage stress   if your work is stressful consider changing
7. Protect head from injury. wear a helmet when cycling!
8. Pick a good doctor . This was a tough one.  She was recommending B12 shots, and cauliflower and broccoli and then said the veggies could be bad for certain people and the doctor should know that.  Sorry, but that sounds like the doctor is supposed to keep up with fads.
9. Diet : Mediterranean Fish / Almond, nuts / Vegetables / Fruits
10. Positive outlook on life.