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Irritable Bowel, Fatigue Clinical Case with HRV:Ma.Bo

Kristen Sparrow • February 19, 2017

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This patient is a young woman who we have discussed before, here  .  I wanted to share her most recent data and illustrate a few points.  I like to look at stress levels with HRV, but HRV can be analyzed in a few different ways.  What I have found, is that overall variability as measured by RMSSD and pnn50 will help determine the most relevant measure of HRV during treatment and over time.  So in this patient, though she had good increase in her HFnorm (parasympathetic activity, “rest and digest”) over time.  Her nonlinear indices showed even better improvement.  Perhaps it doesn’t appear dramatic, but percentage wise, the increase in SampenXHf,  and decrease in DFAα1, are significant.







Graph of DFA HRV data
DFA Lower is Healthier