Case Studies

Clinical Case Study: Acupuncture for GI problems, Stress Levels and HRV (Ma.Bo)

Kristen Sparrow • October 20, 2016

San Francisco Acupuncture for Bowel Diseasereview-hrvCase Study:  young patient with GI problems since a stint in the third world.  I’ve been treating her for vagal enhancement and TCM for Spleen and Stomach.

10/20/2016 13LV 20St 3Liv 15TR 4LI 6PC 6Sp 36St
prone 2iV 20V 23V 18V

She has some reduction in GI symptoms, but still suffers from fatigue.

I have reason for optimism, however because her HRV data is looking very promising.

This is her Stress data.  An overall decrease (with some “noise”)







This is her Complexity data.  This is Sample Entropy where higher values mean lower stress.  Often Complexity data is more pertinent in patients who are young or very athletic since their parasympathetic tone is high to begin with.