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Intermittent Fasting from the New York Times

Kristen Sparrow • February 17, 2020

Intermittent Fasting from the New York Times

We’ve discussed this topic before, here and here and other posts.

A very good rundown on the benefits of intermittent fasting or time restricted eating. The general consensus is that 16 hours is the minimum for optimal effects.  The comment thread was fun to read too.

Her explanation is clear and accurate.  Basically, you want to fast long enough to deplete your carbohydrate stores in the liver so that you start to break down fats.  Also, after 16 hours of fasting you start “autophagy” which is the process whereby cells start to use up loose fragments of proteins in the cells which is, apparently, good for insulin resistance, brain health, inflammation and, theoretically longevity. She mentions that people with multiple sclerosis notice benefits within 2 months. Anecdotally, a physician told me her scleroderma got better with intermittent fasting.   In the comments section many readers say that they adjusted to the fasting pretty quickly.  Some readers lost lots of weight, others not so much.

My son is a huge fan of this “hack” and likes, above all, its simplicity.