Medical Research

Innvervation of the External Ear

Kristen Sparrow • January 18, 2015

This is a paper giving backup data for my current work on Heart Rate Variability and Ear Acupuncture.  It dissects and identifies various contributions to ear innervation from the Auricular branch of the vagus,  the Greater Auricular Nerve, and the Auriculo temporal nerve.  Peuker_Clin_Anat_2002
In my recent work, I’ve been needling the cavum concha.  According to this study, I should, instead needle the cymba concha, since it has the most vagal innervation.  So will do so going forward and see.
Hat tip to friend of blog, Vitaly Napadow.  This is the link to his study using respiratory paced breathing with ear stimulation in the cavum concha and cymba concha called the RAVANS method.