Info on Biofeedback Devices for Stress

Kristen Sparrow • May 22, 2012

I get asked from time to time about home biofeedback stress reduction.  This is a nice article about a particular type that I’m familiar with. Good news is that it’s small and easy to use. The bad news is that it will set you back $230.

May 22, 2012, 1:04 pm
The Doctor’s Remedy: Biofeedback for Stress
Patients aren’t the only ones interested in alternative and complementary medicine. In an occasional series, Well talks to doctors around the country to find out what nontraditional medicines or therapies they sometimes recommend or use themselves.
“I teach them really simple little breathing techniques, and we work on synchronizing their breathing with their heartbeat,” he said. “When they see the green light show up on the meter, that shows them that they’re doing it effectively. And when they need work, it’s at red. You can teach them how to control their breathing in a way that positively affects their heart rate variability. And not only do they feel more relaxed, but the body’s physiology changes. We can measure hormone levels that show that the body is in a less stressed state.”